Soccer Gear – What You Will Need

Whether you like to play pick-up soccer or are a more serious soccer player, whether you are 5 years old or 50 years old, there are some pieces of soccer gear that are absolutely necessary if you want to play the game. What pieces are we talking about? Here is a checklist of items that every soccer player should take along with them on their trip to pick up the right gear:

1) Shin guards – Just as you wouldn’t play football without a helmet, you should never play soccer without skin guards. Because the soccer ball is kicked around so often, it is not unusual that a player get hit in the shins with a ball (or a foot). And while the ball may seem soft and light when you touch it, when it is travelling as fast as it does in a game of soccer, it will feel anything but soft against your shins! Shin guards can help to protect your legs against painful hits and are necessary regardless of which position you play.

2) Cleats – Regardless of which type of soccer you play (whether it be for fun or for competition), you will need a good pair of cleats. After running around on the field for long periods of time, your feet can quickly become sore. In addition, if you wear regular running shoes while playing soccer, ข่าวฟุตบอลทั้งหมด you could take a few slips on the field. Cleats can help to limit the pain that you will feel in your feet and will also help prevent you from slipping and sliding all over the field and causing any unnecessary injuries.

3) Equipment bag – A bag is not something that you will use on the field, but it is something that you will want to take along with you to every game. While your soccer gear may not seem like much, once you put it all together, it can be a lot to carry around – so you will want a bag to help you do so.

4) Uniforms – Generally made up of a pair of pants or shorts and a shirt, uniforms are sometimes provided by the coach. In the odd case, you will need to buy your own.

5) Additional items – Other items that you may want to consider buying for soccer gear include socks, warm-ups, water bottles, snacks, and a soccer ball (for practice time). If you are a goalie, you will also need some additional supplies including gloves, jerseys, elbow pads, and knee pads.

Whenever you decide to head out on your search for soccer gear, bring the list of above items along with you. Shin guards, cleats, and equipment bags are all necessary for soccer players. If you are a goalie, you may need to purchase some additional items. Once you have all of the basics listed above, be sure to ask your coach if you need any extras such as uniforms. While the list above should cover everything you need, your coach will be able to give you a more comprehensive list of anything special that may be required.

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